Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

About Us

Physiotherapists are health professionals who plan and implement treatment approaches by using field-specific assessment and treatment methods in cases of injury and disease that cause movement disorders, in old age, pain and dysfunction. They have an important role in maintaining and improving the quality of life and the health of individuals and society.

Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation students, in the first years of their undergraduate education, obtain knowledge about anatomy, physiology, histology and kinesiology related to the structure and function of the human body as well as communication skills, ethics, critical thinking and behavioral sciences. Afterward, they receive theoretical and practical training in measurement, evaluation and treatment principles, electrotherapy, manual therapy, aquatherapy, exercise principles and orthopedics, neurology, cardiopulmonary, pediatrics, prosthesis-orthotics, geriatrics, rheumatology, women's and men's health rehabilitation.

The present and future needs of societies that have become increasingly physically inactive due to the developing technology in the world make the need for the physiotherapist profession inevitable.


Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Asst. Prof. Barış Gürpınar